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NAGISA Workshop on Amphipoda from Viet Nam – Nha Trang, Vietnam (19-23 July 2006)

Planning Visit 19-23 July 2006
Programme for the Week
The workshop will be along the following lines, although we should remain flexible to change days etc to account for level of participants etc.
Wednesday 29 September (Day 0)
Most participants arrive NhaTrang (except Robin Rigby and Annabell)
Thursday 30 September (Day 1)
Start from 9:00 
Workshop commences.
  • Opening statements by Prof Shirayama, Dr Pham Dinh Trong, and NIO director
  • A brief description of the workshop goals and schedule and any other pertinent information.
  • Self-introduction by participants
Coffee brake at 10:15-10:30
Lecture: Introduction to Amphipoda.
- What is Amphipoda (definition and how to distinguish from other crustaceans, e.g., Isopoda)
- Biology of amphipoda (body structure, behavior and feeding, reproduction and development, phylogeny, etc)
- Ecological importance of the group, and relationship to human being
- History of research (worldwide and in SE Asia)
- Basic bibliography
- Methods of collection (planktonic and benthonic amphipods)
- Preparation of the specimens, for observation and/or deposition in Biological Collections.
(Some of these topics could be done in afternoon or next days)
Lunch at 12:00-13:30
Lecture: General morphology: How to distinguish the sexes.
- An introduction to the taxonomically important characters and those variations.
Coffee brake at 15:00-15:15
Practice: Examination of general morphology
Friday 1 October (Day 2)
Start from 9:00
Field trip to Sonj Lo
Lunch at 12:00-13:30
Practice: examination of living animals, how to fix specimens
- Explanation and demonstration of specimen dissection, to examine important characters
Coffee brake at 15:00-15:15
Practice: dissection of specimens
Dinner 18:00-
Saturday 2 October (Day 3)
Lecture: Systematic part (Biodiversity):
- Classification of Amphipoda
- Explanations will be followed directly by dissections by the participants
- Classification of Amphipoda (order, family, and species of the amphipoda found in Viet Nam and adjacent waters.
- How to use identification key by Prof. Dang Ngoc Thanh
- This part will include the animals in domestic collections, as well as, those given by the researchers, students, and para-taxomists attending the workshop.
Coffee brake at 10:15-10:30
Lunch at 12:00-13:30
Practice of dissecting and examination of characters continues
Identification of amphipods using identification key to ganera
NaGISA leaders have meeting in another room
Coffee brake at 15:00-15:15
Dinner 18:00-
Sunday 3 October (Day 4)
Lecture on the characteristics of common taxa using specimens
Coffee brake at 10:15-10:30
Practice of identification of specimens
Lunch at 12:00-13:30
Coffee brake at 15:00-15:15
Farewell 7:00PM
A wrap-up thank you speech and presentation of certificates of participation.
Sunday 4 October (Day 5)

Depart from Nha Trang

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