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A new species of the snake eel genus Ophichthus from Vietnam

Mới đây chuyên gia phòng Động vật có xương sống biển, viện Hải dương học, phối hợp chuyên gia Đài Loan mô tả 1 loài cá chình rắn mới cho khoa học Ophichthus longicorpus.

A new snake eel, Ophichthus longicorpus, is described from 13 specimens from Lương Sơn, Nha Trang, Vietnam. It is distinguished by having dorsal-fin origin situated at 4.4‒6.7 pectoral-fin length behind head;anus situated at about middle of total length; trunk very long, 4.1‒4.9 head length; head length 10.5‒12.2 in TL;posterior nostril above upper lip, covered by a large flap extending well below the edge of mouth gape; pectoral finsmall, pointed posteriorly; no barbel on upper lip; cephalic sensory pores: SO 1 + 4, POM 6 + 2; teeth moderatelylarge and conical, biserial anteriorly and uniserial posteriorly on both jaws and vomer; body colour yellowishbrown dorsally and grayish-brown ventrally; dorsal fin light grayish with indistinct white margin; anal fin whitewith slightly grayish base; and total vertebrae 156–164, mean vertebral formula 27-68-159. Specimens of Echelus polyspondylus McCosker & Ho are newly reported from Vietnam.

Please accessed through this link: https://lkcnhm.nus.edu.sg/rbz/volume-69/.

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