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Instructions for authors
1. Journal of Marine Science and Technology publishes the articles on results of basic researches and investigations, applied researches; development of new approaches and technologies in researches and investigations; brief information  about  conferences, seminars and related activities in Vietnam and abroad in the field of marine science and technology.
2. Submitted article must be in the electronic file in Vietnamese or English that is written with Microsoft Word in Times New Roman font, font size 12 and line spacing 1.2. The picture should be clear with adequate caption; and picture size does not exceed 15x20cm. The  number of pages in an article is not over 12 pages in A4 size, including abstract, tables, figures and references. It is compulsory to provide the name of author, co-authors, institution, contact details, phone number and email address in each article. The authors should use  legal and popular scientific terms and units of measurement in Vietnam as well as worldwide.
3. References: The article must have the references that are cited adequately and clearly. Each reference material is presented in this order: full name of the author (co-authors), year of publication, name of the article or the book, name of the journal or publishing house, tome or volume, issue number, page number, place of publication. The references need to be numbered and arranged in the order of citation in the article. If the references belong to the Latin alphabet, their names are unchanged. If the references belong to the Hieroglyphic alphabet, their names must be translated into Vietnamese or English and their original languages are noted beside. The internal documents such as research project, special subject, thesis, scientific report in conferences and seminars that are not published in full must not be given to references; if necessary, they can be cited directly in the article.
4. Abstract: Each submitted article must have an abstract in both Vietnamese and English. The abstract need to provide the name of article and condensed information about content and result of the article with less than 500 words. The key words should be listed fully below the abstract.
5. The author’s commitment must appear at the bottom of the last page in the manuscript: Before sending the article and during the waiting time of publication in Journal of Marine Science and Technology, the author does not send this article to any other journals or publishing houses.
6. Journal of Marine Science and Technology does not publish the articles that do not follow these rules. In case the referees and editorial board require the correction, but the author does not correct or send the explanation to the journal, this article will not be published.
7. Contact details: Journal of Marine Science and Technology, A16 Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Phone number: +84 24 37917411; +84 1656080696. Email address:; Website:


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