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1. Decision of establishment
Establishment Decision No. 23/KHCNQG dated 19 June 1993 by the National Centre for Natural Science and Technology (Now is Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)
Signed by: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hieu 
2. Address
Address: 01 Cau Da, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam
Phone: (+84-258) 3590036/3590032
Fax: (+84-258) 3590034
3. Functions and Tasks
  • Functions: The Institute of Oceanography has the functions to carry out fundamental research and investigation, to develop oceanographical technology and to provide high level training and education on marine science and other related fields as defined by law
  • Tasks:

a)     Carry out fundamental study and research on oceanographic and ecological processes and rules, special phenomena of seas and oceans, hydrospheric - atmospheric - lithospheric interactions and the impact of global climate change in the East Sea;
b)     Carry out fundamental investigation on natural conditions, marine biodiversity, biological-ecological-biochemical characteristics of aquatic organisms, marine living and non-living resources, and marine environment of Viet Nam;
c)     Apply fundamental scientific results to management practices, rational uses of marine resources, sustainable aquaculture, biodiversity conservation, national sovereignty and environment protection, prediction of oceanographic processes, coastal and marine engineering design;
d)     Study and provide environmental monitoring and assessment services;
e)     Cooperate and collaborate with inland and foreign organizations and individuals to conduct scientific activities and technologigal transfer;
f)      Study toxins and poisons in marine organisms and environment; prodive food quality testing service;
g)     Build up a collection of living and non-living marine specimens, to exchange the specimens inside and outside the country, and to transfer oceanographic museum techniques;
h)     Apply new research results and technologies in oceanographic and other related sciences;
i)       Provide scientific and technological services in oceanographic and other related sciences;
j)       Provide postgraduate education and training on oceanographic and other related sciences;
k)     Develop international cooperation in oceanographic and other related sciences;

4. Directorate
Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Viet Ha, senior researcher
Vice Director: Dr. Hoang Xuan Ben, principal researcher
Vice Director: Dr. Ho Van The, principal researcher
5. Scientific Council
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Doan Nhu Hai
Vice chairman: Dr. Hoang Xuan Ben
Secretary: Dr. Nguyen Xuan Vy
Total members: 09
6. Organizations
 Research Departments:
- Marine Physics
- Marine Botany
- Hydro - Geochemistry
- Marine Vertebrate
- Marine Geology and Geomorphology
- Marine Living Resources
- Aquaculture Technology
- Marine Plankton
- Marine Ecology
- Marine Biochemistry
- Center for Oceanographic Data; GIS & Remote Sensing
Museum of Oceanography:
- Division of Marine Specimen Management, Preparation and Exhibition design
- Division of Aquaculture Technique
- Division of Communication and Environmental Education
Supporting units: 
- Department of Administration
- Department of Information and Library
- Center for Marine Natural Resources and Environment Monitoring
- Center for Consultancy, Application and Technology Transfer in Marine Science
Currently, Institute of Oceanography has its headquarter in Nha Trang and 01 Marine Environment Monitoring Station in Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh city.
7. Human Resources 
- Total: 121
- Professors: 02
- Assoc. Professors: 02
- Doctors: 16
- Masters:43
- Bachelors: 41
- Others: 17
8. Activities
Institute of Oceanography is a fundamental research institution focusing mainly on oceanography, marine environment and resources. It also carries out applied research on biodiversity conservation, aquaculture technologies, marine living resources, toxins and poisons in marine organisms and environment, physical oceanography, hydrometeorology and ocean dynamics.
9. Achievements in recent years (2016 – 2020)
General facts and figures:
- 4 National projects, 11 NAFOSTED projects, 14 VAST projects, 5 VAST international cooperation projects, 2 international cooperation projects, hundreds of contracts with local goverments and businesses, which focus largely on oceanographic processes, marine bionomics and special phenomena, marine natural resources, biodiversity and environment, application of fundamental scientific results to management practice, rational use and sustainable development of marine resources and enviroment.
- Publication: 47 SCI/SCI-E papers, 22 international ISSN papers, 208 national jounal papers, hundreds of papers presented in national and international conferences and workshops, 3 publications in Marine Science and Technology, 01 monograph on Vietnam marine toxic organisms, 3 monographs in the series of monographs on marine science and technology.
- 01 utility solution patent.
Remarkable scientific results: 
-  Development of the KIT for rapid detection of ASP and PSP toxins in seafood.
- The study of Rip currents has helped to ensure safety for coastal tourism and local inhabitants in Phu Yen, Quang Nam provinces.
- Succesful rehabilitation and conservation of coral reefs in Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Cu Lao Cham (Quang Nam), Ly Son (Quang Ngai) … help to conserve marine biodiversity and resources and so contributed significantly to the sustainable fisheries/tourism development. The rehabilitation technique has been transfered to related MPAs, local governments and enterprises for their own management and rehabilitation, under the assistance and supervision of IO’s scientists.
- The reproduction process of clown fishes was improved and fingerlings are provided to meet the demand of organimental fishes in national and foreign markets.
- Successful in the study to replace fibro cement with oyster shell as growing medium for oyster culture, which helps to shorten the culture time by 3- 5 months, reduce the culture cost by 70 – 75% and at the same time reduce environment pollution in comparision with traditional culture method.
- 18.124 marine specimens were collected and prepared in the framework of the project “Establishment of Vietnam specimen collection of nature”, which have contributed to enhance IO’s research capability and community understanding on the nature, complete the marine specimen collection of the national specimen collection of nature
- Contributed remarkably to find out the cause of the severe environmental incident in 4 Vietnam provinces in 2016, hepls to resolve the problem and repaire the damage caused by polution.
International cooperation:
- In recent years, IO continues its strengths in basic marine research, maintains and continues its close relationship in marine rearch and education with international organizations and traditional partners.
- Is the host institution of IOC Vietnam, participated in IOC programs such as GOOS, IODE, GLOSS, GEBCO, GEOHAB, and IOC/WESTPAC programes. All these activities are of great significance to national security and sovereignty over the East Sea water and islands, espcially in the current complicated and sensitive situation here.
- Confirms its position as one of the leading marine research institutions in Vietnam as well as in the region through the participation of IO’s leaders and scientists in IOC/WESTPAC research and education programs and activities. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Si Tuan, IO’s former director, continues his position as WESTPAC chairman for the second term. Dr. Dao Viet Ha, IO’s director, is the leader of WESTPAC project on marine toxic organisms. In 2019, through WESTPAC activities, VAST key lab on Food and environmental safety has developed and upgraded to “WESTPAC Regional Training and Research Center (RTRC) on Marine Toxins and Seafood Safety” and is under IOC varification process to recognize.
- Participated actively in the bilateral cooperation programs between VAST and FEBRAS: conducted 6 VAST cooperation projects, hosted sucessfully 2 VAST – FEBRAS joint expedition onboard R/V Academic Oparin in 2016 and 2018.
- Carried out 01 PEER/USAID project studying the Coral Reef Resilience in South Vietnam for marine biodiversity conservation (2017 – 2021) and 01 KIOST project sponsored by MOF, Korean to support capacity building on operational oceanography in Vietnam (2019 – 2022).
Training and education:
Co-ordinate with the Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Graduate University of Science and Technology in post-graduate education, IO has educated 5 PhD students during the past years.
IO’s principal and senior researchers are also visiting lecturers at universities, and supervisors of postgraduate students.
Museum of Oceanography
The Museum of Oceanography is an inseparable part of the Institute of Oceanography along with its history of nearly a century of foundation and development. It composes of a marine species domestication area and display areas, where marine living and non-living specimens are arranged in different themes. At present, the Museum is holding a collection of more than 20,000 marine specimens for scientific, communication and education purposes. Its aquarium is a place where a wide variety of marine species, which represent different typical ecosystems such as coral reefs, seagrass beds etc, are domesticated and cultured. The unique and diverse marine resources of Spratly and Paracel islands are displayed in a large area, where the tourists can experience a lot about these territorial waters of the country, raising the public awareness about national marine resources and territorial sovereignty.
With its history and outstanding activities, the Museum of Oceanography is member of International Council of Museums (ICOM), a reliable address for researchers and students to come to work and study, and a place for visitors to expand their knowledge and understanding of Vietnamese ocean space, territorial waters, marine environment and resources. As one of the favorite destinations in Nha Trang, the Museum welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly. It takes the advantages as a specialized museum of a research institution to integrate museum tour with the dissemination of knowledge, of which the protection of marine environment and resources and territorial intergrity are of its most important contents and intergrated in each specific theme and display area.
IO’s scientific research results on marine environmental impact assessment, ecosystem monitoring and restoration, biodiversity conservation, environmental and resource protection are always prioritized to integrate in its communication and education activities in various and diverse forms, including the teaching and exchange of leading scientists.
With its present position, the Museum of Oceanography has played an important role in many national and international events organised in the locality such as Sea Festival (biennially), 6th National Children's House Festival (2016), APEC (2017)…
Together with the development of facilities and service quality, the number of Museum’s visitors is increasing annually, from 390,770 in 2016 to 444,700 in 2019, making the Museum of Oceanography one of the most 10 attractive museums in Viet Nam.
10. Rewards
- Third, Second and First Class Independence Medal in 2002, 2007, 2012
- Certificate of Merit of Prime Minister in 2010, 2017 
- Emulation flag of Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee (2016)
- Emulation flag of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (2019)
- Certificate of Merit of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (2018).
11. Photos    
Insitute of Oceanography in 2020
Scientific Forum Bien Dong 2017
Coral reef survey offshore Bien Dong
Coral reef rehabilitation in Ly Son island (Quang Ngai), 2018
Introduction of clown fishes culture techniques at the Exhibition of Aquaculture Vietnam 2018, Can Tho International Exhibition Fair Centre
6th VAST – FEBRAS joint expedition onboard R/V Akademic Oparin (6/2018)

Collecting samples for environment and ocean acidification

Oyster culture with hanging raft using oyster shell provides high culture productivity and economic efficiency, shortens the cuture time by 3-5 months
Museum of Oceanography: communication and education activities for schoolchildren (2019)
Large aquarium
Part of Truong Sa Park in the Institute of Oceanography


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