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Workshop on Biology of Sea Snakes - 9 - 13 March 2004

Workshop on Biology of Sea Snakes
at the Institute of Oceanography, Nha Trang, Vietnam
9 - 13 March 2004
The workshop organized by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts School of Conservation, Denmark and Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam; sponsored byDanida Research Council (RUF) and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Conservation aims to review current situation and biological characteristics of sea snakes (Laticauda colubrine, Enhydrina schistosa, Hydrophis semperi, H.obscurus...) in Southeast Asia. The workshop also provides an introduction on preferred habitat, food and breeding biology at Red Cross Societies Snake Farm in Thailand.
Day 1: 
1. Hydrophid semperi, the freshwater "sea snake" at Lake Taal, Philippines by I. Das and G. V. A Gee.
2. H. obscurus: first record from Thailand by L. Chanhome et al. 
3..Sea snakes from Sulawesi, M. Ompy.
4. H. Pachycercos - a resurrection and re-description from Vietnam by A. R. Rasmussen et al. 
5. A sea snake project in Thailand by S. Wangkulangkul
6. Sea snake from Philippines by F. Sotto
7. Sea snake from Andaman Sea by S. Bussarawit
8. H. parviceps and other sea snakes from Vietnam by A. R. Rasmussen
9. Sea snakes of Northern Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei Darussalam and Sabah) by I. Das
10. Herpetofauna of Sri Lanka by Silva
Day 2: Field trip (Trawling in Nha Trang Bay)
Day 3: 
1. DNA sequencing - a method and a case-story on H. parviceps by P. Gravlund
2. DNA analysis on Laticauda colubrine from the Philippines by F. Sotto
3. DNA analysis on Enhydrina schistosa from different localities by P. Gravlund et al. 
4. Introduction to the Thai Red Cross Societies Snake Farm in Bangkok by V. Sitprija
5. A short introduction to sea snake keys followed by a session on identification of sea snake specimens brought by the participants by J. B. Rasmussen
Day 4:
1. Enhydrina schistosa from Chittagong, Bangladesh and Songkhla Lake, Thailand
2. Sea snakes in cativity at the Red Cross Societies Snake Farm in Bangkok with a general discussion on the preferred habitat, food and breeding biology.
3. Discussion on future regional cooperation on sea snakes and summing up the workshop.
Participants: Cambodia, Denmark (3), Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand (3) and Vietnam (3)
For more information, please contact IO Library
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